Generation 1: Dominique · Lavender Wishes

Chapter 1.3

Previously, Dom got smacked and beaten up over bad karaoke.  This made Nick Alto all hot and bothered, but Dom was not interested.


Iliana:  Ohhhh!  I wish there was a doctor in the house!

Dom had wished to gain a celebrity star level, so I sent her off to earn the charisma skill hoping that would jump start her wish.  My sims usually end up pretty famous, but I never actually have it as a goal.


Iliana:  Oh Gawd.  I’m dying.  Save me.
Paparazzi:  I should be taking notes!


Paprazzi:  But, I feel the need to panic.  Whatever shall I do?
Iliana:  Are you sure you are a high enough level for this?
Dom:  Well, I have gone to work for one day.  I think that I qualify as a candy striper.  Technically, that is 50 rungs below an LPN.


Dom:  This doohickey is my new best friend.  I will have you sorted out in no time.
Iliana:  Well, is it bad news?


Dom:  Sorry, Mrs. Langerak.  The doohickey was inconclusive.


Dom:  This calls for the thingamajig.
Iliana:  It looks like an oversized ray gun!  Please don’t kill me!
Iqbal:  I hope I never get sick!


Iliana:  It’s not my head that hurts!  Stop!


Dom:  Okay.  Jump up and down 5 times, spin in a circle and touch your toes.}
Iliana:  Huh?


Dom:  Okay.  Good.  Stop!  Zombie Time!
Iliana:  *strikes a pose*



Iliana:  It worked!  You saved my life!
Iqbal:  What method of madness is this?


Iqbal:  I bet you got those weird instruments from an astronaut!  Did they find aliens out there?  Oh, and you’re really hot when you fondle that doohickey.
Dom:  I love old bald men, too bad you’re married.


Parker:  Hey, hot stuff, thanks for saving my mom’s life.  I want to add you to my growing collection.
Dom:  *swoon*  Okay.





Parker and Dom watched the stars together and I really thought she would choose him, but later that night (and still having the watched stars moodlet), we got word that Parker married River McIrish.

Dom:  That bastard!


I will post pics of babies that age up when I come across them.  Quinn belongs to Molly French and Xander Clavell.


Then immediately got started on a new one.

We start off today with a wish to rub the neck of a unicorn, get married, gain a celebrity star level and buy a telescope.  She only has $604, so that won’t be happening anytime soon.  I have dropped off a myriad of sims from other towns in the sim bin and now hopefully SP will move them in.  I have the makeovers of Moonlight Falls and sims from Berry’s Sugar Valley.  I’m expecting a nice collection of supernatural berries (or a mishmash of weirdos).


Dom might have to rethink petting the neck of unicorn if the townspeople have anything to say about it.


A very pregnant Vita was seen at the park.  I noticed Thornton was there, so I figured we’d break up his marriage.


Instead she got an opportunity for the grill-a-thon to make 5 servings of hot dogs.


It took most of the day, but she got really, really close to getting it done.


But guess who showed up.

Xander:  Xander thinks you’re hotdogs are gross.
Dom:  I think you are an imbecile.


Xander took exception to that.


Dom:  And don’t bother me again!
Agnes and Molly:  Yay!
Dom finished with her hotdogs and she gained something from the town, popularity or whatever.  Most importantly, she got $1,000.  The telescope was bought getting rid of that wish and the spend money one.

Dom:  I want to learn two more traits of Geoffrey’s.


Hank and Pauline had Omar.


Geoffrey was located swimming at the Port a Party place.






They are so cute together, but no matter how much she flirted, the option to dump Nancy never showed up.  She learned the last two traits she wanted to know.

Dom:  I just don’t know what else to do Sad smile




She kept trying though, but ultimately, it was past bedtime and she had to go home without a new husband.


Leighton and Zelda had Charmaine.


As usual, Dom dreams of babies.


The town was in an uproar over this little development.


Pretty!  And you get to suffer looking at them.


Oh.  I stand corrected.  She is level 2 of her job.  My bad.


Vita had a little boy name Joshua I believe.  She was livid that Dom was the doctor in labor and delivery that day.


Dom had an opportunity to make some hotdogs for Thornton, I just didn’t realize you couldn’t cook them at the park and keep the dish.  She had to buy a microwave and do it that way.


Hank stopped by when she got home from delivering the hotdogs.

Hank:  You need a husband?  I’m up for it.
Dom:  What about Pauline and Omar?
Hank:  I have conditions, but I’m sure you don’t mind.


Dom:  Please come in so I can devour you.


Hank:  I can’t wait to make you 2/10.


Dom:  Say what?
Hank:  Nothing, honey.  How about a massage?
Dom:  Okay.


He was in a happy good mood, so Dom had to move in fast.



I did not change my settings, but I find that it does not bother me.  I present you with Dominique and Hank Lavender-Goddard.  He brought in an unseemly amount of cash of $65k.


..and a toddler.  Although engaged, he and Pauline were no longer living together.  Omar Lavender-Goddard was the condition that Hank was talking about.


Hank:  When I wake up, I will show you just how I handle naughty girls.
Dom:  Can’t wait!


Keeping Omar happy in a tiny house!


Hank wished to teach Omar to talk, so I had Omar learn in the playpen.  He then wanted to chat with Omar.


Dom:  Now that I am a happily married woman, I would like to send a love letter to my soul mate, Geoffrey.



While she is doing that, Hank has to gain an athletic level for work.

Dom:  I want a baby.  Oh and While Hank is busy, I want to go on a date with Geoffrey.
Hank:  When I’m done here, I want to woohoo with my new wife.


Dom:  I’m so glad you showed up!  I have been thinking about you all week.
Geoffrey:  Now that you’re married too, lets see what trouble we can get up to.
Dom:  I want to make out with you so bad.


Geoffrey was all for it.  In public view.  If this doesn’t help her on her wish for a celebrity level, I don’t know what will.


They also toured the theater in full view of Judy.   Go forth and gossip woman!


Hank:  The woohooer has not been properly set up.  Let’s woohoo since we can’t autonomously.
Dom:  Okay!


Hank:  While she is asleep and cannot see me, I shall moon over my love like a puppy.


Dom:  The toilet has been broken for a day, you know.
You could wish to fix it.
Dom:  Nah.  The backyard works for me.
For what?


You went and got knocked up didn’t you?
Dom:  Well, I do want a baby.
Yes, but the question is, Who does it belong too?
Dom:  *shrug*

Next time we take care of some of her crazy.  We let go of the unicorn wish in favor of a new Have a date with Hank wish.  She also wants to have celebrity level (still), have a baby (still) and a new wish for a date with Geoffrey.

Hank is easy.  Take a cooking class, invite a sim over, hire a butler (lol), and meet someone new.  Not locked: Buy a stuffed animal.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3

  1. I love how she wanted a date with Geoffrey right after she married Hank. But at least she got a husband & somebody’s baby.
    The Parker fail made me sad. But Hank’s not bad, even if he has commitment issues

  2. Awww, she found herself a husband. And a lover. And a toddler. And now maybe even a baby, lol Things are moving up for her!

    I love how she *cured* Iliana!

    I really love that picture with the lighthouse and moon. It is gorgeous!

    Great chapter! 🙂

  3. She seems more obsessed with Geoffry than Hank even if she did marry him. It seems that that might not work out well in the end. But she does have her baby on the way;

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