Generation 1: Dominique · Lavender Wishes

Chapter 1.7

Last time, Dom failed as a wife.  The result of a little side lovin’ produced the fourth child of the legacy.  Molly became a fairy, Muffin grew up adorable as did baby brother Lucas.

Chaos awaits.  Let’s get started.


Sorry for the dark pic, I put in the first 10 kids of my 100 baby challenge for breeding of future generations.  Razz was turned human soon after this pic.  He died as a teen the other day from a dishwasher.


Here he is in human form.

If anyone is interested in some berries, I can put up their bios and download links.  They are posted elsewhere right now, but you need to register at Sims Asylum to get to them.

Now on with the Chaos


Dom was able to get the friendly introduction with Deric.  I guess he is the product of two moms generated by immigration, who met and got married in town.  I did not find him interesting enough to note down his last name or anything.


Molly:  I love you, mom!  You’re the best.
Muffin:  Look mom, I made all the beds.  In the universe!

The girls are still competing for heiress at this point.


Cornelia died leaving a broken man behind.


Lucas wanted to ride the spring rider.  It was Geoff’s turn for this wish.


Lucas:  I’m cute!  I heir!


Geoff:  Time’s up, kid.  Let’s go.
Lucas:  NO!  Ride moar!

I love this interaction.  Dom just picks them up and the kids happily go.


Geoff:  I… Can’t keep this to myself any longer.
Dom:  What are talking about?
Geoff:  I’m so sorry.  I cheated on you.
O.O  You dipshit.  I was not going to tell her!
Dom:  You did what?  Who!?!
Geoff:  It was Cornelia.  We shared two amazing kisses and I fell in love.
Dom:  I’m going to kill her.  Then you!
Geoff:  She died last night.  It’s the reason I told you.


Dom:  Well guess what, loser.  I cheated too!  Marcus is not your son!
Geoff:  You cheating whore!


Muffin:  Mommy?  Are you okay?
Dom:  I’m fine, baby.  Don’t worry about me.


Dom:  Birthday boy!


Red heart


Well, that takes care of our stock of spring riders.  I always have them up, but never have anyone wish to let them ride.

Dom:  I really need to meet someone new.  My heart is broken.


Good thing Snow was out and about this late at night.  For the purposes of Sunset Valley, Snow’s Evil trait was changed to hopeless romantic.  He is still insane though.


Dom:  Here have a gift.  I really want us to be best friends after this.
Snow:  For me? You shouldn’t have.
Dom:  It’s just a book that my husband wrote.
Snow:  Married?
Dom:  Yes.  Is that a problem?
Snow:  Not in the least.


Dom:  Thanks for watching that movie with me.
Snow:  What movie?
Dom:  Umm the one I’m telling me husband we went and saw.
Snow:  Oh. Yeah.  Great, amazing, wonderful movie.  We should see it again sometime.


Dom:  Okay.  Just tell him you were out making friends.  Not babies.  Just friends.
Geoff:  Is that you?
Dom:  Yeah.  I’m home.
Geoff:  Fine.


Geoff:  You were gone all night!  I’m done with you bitch!


Dom:  You can’t be done with me!  I’m the one who says it’s over.
I could beat you both.
Dom:  Just..just get out of my house you bastard!


Geoffrey:  Free!  I’m free!  Free at last!  Oh happy day!
Smug bastard.
Geoffrey:  I can’t hear you anymore!  I’m free!


Molly:  *sob*
All the kids, except Marcus, have bad moodlets.  Yay.  Stupid autonomous breakups that you can’t cancel out.


Dom learns a new recipe, Cookies I believe.
Plumbob:  The Mighty Plumbob returns!


I can’t believe you have the audacity to walk around brokenhearted.
Dom:  He crushed my heart into itty bitty pieces.
I hate to break it to you, but you actually deserve it.  Don’t you have two or three romantic interests?  It was inevitable that you would be found out.


What are you doing?
Dom:  My duty as a citizen!  I’m going to become a policewoman and bust all the cheating ex-husbands and crush them under my boot!
Good luck with that.


Hey!  You wanted a handiness class!  I forbid you to leave before it’s done.
Dom:  Not leaving.  Taking a break.


Dom:  Blarghghghg
Okay.  Now get back in there and learn handy stuffs.


Dom:  Hi Turq.  Watch out!  I’m on the prowl for a new husband.
Turq *runs and hides*
What are you doing at the park?
Dom:  3pm is party time.




Dom wanted to throw a party and it’s both Lucas and Molly’s birthday, so a double was undertaken.  I just learned my lesson having it at the old house.  Especially when I just found out that all those years ago, Malcolm had gotten River pregnant in that shower.  Poor Parker has raised that little girl without a clue that she was not his.


Molly is her father’s daughter.  I finally colored her wings too.


Lucas:  Look at me!  I’m a toddler trapped in a child’s body!
You, sir, are a freak of nature.


We interrupt birthdays and cakes for a lovely moment at the toilet.


She still wants a girl, so a run across the street to the store was undertaken.  She demolished 6 watermelons under my watchful eye.


While Dom was doing that, all of the kids made it home in one piece.  Molly immediately takes care of little Marcus.


Dom walked in the door about 20 minutes later.
Dom: I sure hope it was not too late for the watermelons to work.
I would be more glad that the procreation elixir that Geoff tossed at you was expired when you met Snow.  I don’t think we need twins or triplets right now.


Dom:  No!  Don’t say his name.  He hurts.
Oh, get over it.   You should never have wished to cheat on him.


Lucas:  Good morning, mother.  You look like you need some cheering up!
Dom:  You are the sweetest little guy!  Thanks Open-mouthed smile


Lucas: Don’t even try it, sister.  I got heirdom in my grasp.
Muffin:  Back off interloper.


Muffin:  Oh mommy, you need to calm down.  Here, I have a coupon for a free spa treatment.
Dom:  ARGH!  Oh that worked!  Thank you for the spa day.  I will head off after you go to school.  Thanks, babygirl!

Muffin:  Beat that, boy.


Molly:  You two are lame.  I have this shit in the bag.


Molly:  pblblblblbl!
Dom:  …


Dom:  Pblblblblblbbllblb.   Hahahahahahahaha!


Then the three competitors ran off to school.

Dom found a moment to read her very first baby book.


Then she wanted to chat with Turq.
*I had previously replaced all the broken appliances when I was in buy mode for the party*


Dom:  I want to earn festival tickets.
Sorry old girl.  You can’t even get your face painted when your pregnant.  Stupid EA, very very stupid.


Bella is way pregnant with a Bunch kid.  Arlo of all people.  They got married straight after high school.  This will be their first child.  Ethan took up with Pauline after Hank left her.  They have two kids together.
Both Muffin and Lucas wanted to visit the festival.  Lucas wanted to enter the hotdog eating contest.


Razz showed up to round out the competition.


Bella won followed by Muffin.


Geoffrey tried to start a fight with Dom, but Razz ran over and started playing with his niece or nephew.


It didn’t take Dom more than 5 minutes to realize that Razz was hot.


Meanwhile,  back at home, homework was going on.  I also note that the kitchen is lacking in lighting.


Much better.
Molly:  I hate this!  I have more important things to get done today!
Lucas:  Just get the homework done and then you can do whatever.  Can I come with you?
Molly:  Sorry.  No little brothers allowed.

This is where left off last night.

Dom is all baby, marriage and Marcus skilling wishes.  Nothing of interest for now.
Molly:  Is her mother’s daughter.  Pick up Marcus, Talk to Mom (as usual), Learn Quinn French’s sign and learn Gonzalo Keaton’s sign.
Muffin:  Catch a goldfish (how random), get face painted, pillow fight with Molly, and buy a block table.
Lucas:  Take a greeting card picture, buy food from a concession stand, play horseshoes with a sim, learn fishing skill (he is now an angler).
Marcus:  Nothing yet.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7

  1. Dom really can’t stay with one man can she. You’d think family orientated would not go about cheating on their spouse. I still like Muffin the best but there are a few more kids to see grow up.

    1. Aww, I can say that as of right now, Muffin is out of the running along with Molly (who is almost YA).

      It’s that damn irresistible trait. She can’t go anywhere with a line of 10 sims fighting for her attention. Her charisma has been level 10 forever, so she is best friends with everyone. She ha 72 friends and 2 enemies. It’s insane.

  2. Yeah, I’m surprised Dom is family oriented, It;’s more like she got the floozy, I mean, flirty trait, lol.
    The stuff EA bans for pregnant Sims is ridiculous, and so inconsistent. Face paint? No way! Spray paint that causes giant clouds of toxic fumes? Totally!
    And her hypocritical reaction to Geoff confessing to cheating, priceless. I love how competitive the kids are.

    1. These kids are the most entertaining ones that I have had in quite awhile. Dom has the hidden whore trait. I can’t take that girl anywhere.

      I was appalled that she could not get her face painted. I literally yelled, No way!.

      She is a hoot. It’s okay for her to go around whoring, but the second Geoff confesses to a kiss, she goes batshit crazy.

    1. I’m opposite. I don’t even like starting with females, but I usually do anyway. Then I alternate.

      I prefer males, but they have to be cute. LOL

  3. I just wanna snuggled them until they love me back.
    Oh, I actually have a question. Do you upload photos through the “Add Media” thing? And if you do, do you delete them after or do you keep them?

    1. I do not. I use Windows Live Writer and that uploads them to the media library for me. No, I do not delete them because then they get deleted from all the posts. They have to stay once they are in there.

      1. So THAT’S what went wrong with my Diamond Legacy! xD Fail on my part.
        Well, while I sort that out I have a PGC and a Rainbowcy to keep me occupied. I’m hoping to do something you haven’t at one point, though xD

      2. LOL! I try anything once. I just don’t always blog about it. I’m doing a 100 bc right now. I might upload the kids pics at one point.

        I’m glad you got it figured out though! I never even considered that. I will say that once I update to the blog, I do delete the pics off my computer whenever I get around to it.

    2. Storage Space
      3,072MB Space Allowed
      607.58MB (20%) Space Used

      This is current for this blog. It has 45 chapters for the Desi’s. 2 or 3 for Chasing Wishes and the 8 Chapters for Lavender. That means, I could probably do 900 more updates at 100 pics a piece. Okay, probably not. But it took over a year to get this amount.

  4. I loved the part where Molly and Dom were making faces at each other, that was so funny! lol

    Geoff did look pretty happy as he was leaving. I guess Dom is a bit much to take, lol She can cheat, but her partner can not!

    1. She is seriously one of the strangest sims I have had. I never know what she is going to wish for from one minute to the next.

      Those kids love their mom though. Always hugging her and making face. They are so sweet.

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