Generation 1: Dominique · Lavender Wishes

Chapter 1.8

As usual, in the previous update, Dom had screwed around on Geoffrey.  He actually got some action too, but felt so guilty that he confessed.  This sent Dom into a rage and then she took off on a date.  Geoffrey paid her back by dumping her.  She was a brokenhearted mess  for most of the update.  Kids grew up and Dom became a full adult.


Dom:  Woohoo!  You can poop like a big boy!


Skilling is all done now.  Just waiting for his birthday.


Lucas:  Pillow fight!
Dom:  I’ll cream you, boy!


Dom catches one of Muffin’s friends peeking in the window.
Dom:  I’ll just ignore the weirdo and make my spaghetti.   I think I’ll have some ice cream with that too.
Oh, yummy.


Dom continues to cook, so we will follow Muffin and Trent Keaton around.
Trent:  We will have a wonderful birthday bash soon!
Muffin:  Then we can cuddle under the stars together.
Trent;  Eww!  Girls are so weird.


Trent:  Let’s have some fun!
Muffi:  I’m gonna kick your butt!


Muffin:  Hahaha.  So much fun.


Molly chats with a Jamar something or other.


This reminds her that she needs to learn the sign of both what’s his face Quinn French and Gonzalo Keaton.  Gonzalo was flirting with his girlfriend, but Molly waited him out.  They were not compatible.  She was compatible with the first one, but no other wishes came forth.


Next was to chat with mom, who was having a spa day.  Molly was quite surprised to see her flirting with some stranger.

*Two things of note in this pic.  The girl on the far left in the blue shirt and the one in front, wearing graduation robes are Dominique’s twins from my 100 baby challenge.  True story.  They are Praline and Pistachio.  I had to look it up because I will (later in this update) realize that Snow and Dom look a lot aliike.  I had to make sure there was no icky stuff going on.*


Trent and Muffin have been hanging out together all day. I have high hopes for these two.


Taking care of Lucas’ wish for a picture, I had the whole family head to the festival for the day.


Lucas and Muffin both wanted to do the water balloon fight.  I had Molly and Jamar join them when the pop up formed.


They had a really great time.


Another hotdog eating contest was undertaken.


I was distracted by Marcus needing a bottle, so I can only say for sure that Lucas was last place.

Molly and Muffin both wanted their face painted and earn 20 tickets.


Molly got hers on the first try.  Muffin it took 3 tries, which got her 15 tickets!


Dom had gone home with Marcus and I had her get a babysitter and come back.  She wanted to light fireworks.  Then I lost track of her.  I found her in labor on the side of the road.  Good thing the hospital is right there.


Molly and Muffin were doing a shootout, but it glitched.


Kind of strange having a shoot out two inches apart.


I was not prepared for twins!  She got rid of her baby and girl wishes!  Yay!


The next day she got word that Snow had started dating Agnes Crumplebottom.  She immediately wanted to send him a love letter.
You do realize that is a laptop and not a tablet yes?
Dom:  I’m writing through the laptop to the paper hiding underneath.
Oh.  Of course.  How silly of me not to realize.


Dom:  Molly, it’s really not that hard to use a bathroom.  I taught you to be a big girl.
Molly:  Oops.  It came down to eating or peeing.  I chose to eat.


What’s going on?
Dom:  I stupidly wanted a party for Marcus.
What’s stupid about it?


Dom:  Parker flirted with me, I flirted back.  Both Thornton and Snow caught us.
Why were they there anyway?
Dom:  Well, Thornton was not invited, but he showed up anyway to see his son age up, I guess.  I invited Snow. I figure that since I want to get married, he would be the likely candidate.
Dom:  Yeah, I think I like him.
Don’t you dare break him.


With Dom embroiled in a weird plot twist that she should have known was on the horizon, Molly stepped up to have Marcus blow out his candles.


Just as he finished his spin, we watched his mom and dad argue like kids.


He wasn’t too concerned though.  He was too busy eating cake.


Karma.  RIght there.

Thornton broke things off, but she took it fairly well.  Snow flirted with her and she flirted back.  Geoffrey tried to start a fight, but I had her go elsewhere.   Oh, and she was booed the whole time for having kids out of wedlock.


Lucas!  I sent you home hours ago!
Lucas:  I don’t need no stinkin’ curfew!


The cops state otherwise.  You are going to be in so much trouble!
Lucas:  Nah.  I have that woman wrapped around my finger.  I will be the heir you know.
No.  Don’t count on it.


Dom:  You, Mister, are grounded!
Wrapped around her finger?  I can tell.
Lucas: Oh shut up.


Surprise birthday!   Sorry old girl.


Molly:  So are you having a birthday party too?
Muffin:  Probably not.  No one has party wishes.


Oh holy hell.  Sleet  Red heart


Summer:  I bet I can talk before you can walk!
Sleet:  Don’t even thinks so, sister!

Dom only has wishes for kids.  See Lucas, Sleet and Snow age up well and also the get married wish.


Dom:  What’s going on, Mol?
Molly:  I need to chat with Dave, but I can’t find him anywhere.
Dom:  Who is Dave?
Molly:  A really cute guy at school.


Molly:  You forgot!
I forgot what?


Molly:  You forgot to get me a date for prom!
I didn’t even know it was prom time.  You didn’t wish to go to prom and you didn’t wish for a date.  Just be glad I didn’t cancel it out when you made a run for the limo.


Dom spent the night tickling, chatting and potty training both toddlers.


The kids finally got their block table.

Molly came home with Dave as a romantic interest from prom.


No party, as no one wished it.  It sucks because I was hoping to invite Trent over.


Dom’s hair color might dominate the kids, but Geoffrey’ looks dominate everything.


Both toddlers are all skilled now.  Just hanging out and playing together.


With nothing left to do, Dom hunted down Snow.


In a matter of hours, they were boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged and then the rain…in front of the elixir shop.


I wonder if Snow is rethinking this marriage.


For an insane wacky weirdo, he had normal first wishes.  Learn logic, read logic and take a logic class.  Done, done, done.

It’s Dom who is insane.  I got her married even though she is in a midlife crisis.  Maybe she’ll wish to get divorced or something.  Wrong!  She wants another baby.  She also wants to increase her writing skill, learn social networking, and learn Athletics.  Seriously?  I’m working off her wishes she can’t lock in for my amusement.  We are heading for a mess of birthdays soon though.


Oh let’s not forget! She wished to quit her job.


Read a logic book, the last one since she is so high a level and then increase her alchemy level.


Snow wanted to learn to garden.


Then it was off to the lame park I made.


He wanted to have his fortune told.


Dom wants to see Yoshi age up well.
Marcus:  I’m not Yoshi, silly.  It’s me, Marcus!
Well, that disguise sure fooled me!

Snow’s last wish was locked without looking.  I deleted his wish to enroll in university.

Scandal rocks the house!  Heir potentials vie for the top spot.  Stay tuned.

*Special Notice*   Geoffrey died in this update.  I thought I saved the pop up, but I guess not.  Sadly, no one in the  active family even noticed his passing.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.8

  1. Oooh, the twins are adorable. But so are all Dom’s kids. And now she wants more?
    That family oriented trait can be a curse as much as a help in this wishacy.
    I hope this marriage works for her.

    1. She is a menace. I’m not giving anyone the irresistible/star quality mash up again. Those two have her wanting to meet new people, then date them or kiss them. The family-oriented makes her want to have babies.

      I hope it works too. I should be okay as long as she does not wish to leave the house.

  2. Sleet is adorable! His twin is pretty cute, but that one pic of him—what a cutie!
    It does seem like the purple hair is a dominant gene, lol And Geoffrey’s face the other dominant gene. It is sad that he died, and his kids didn’t even seem to notice!
    Great chapter! =)

    1. Yes, Summer is the only one who has Snow’s hair. Genetics are strange sometimes.

      Poor Geoffrey, he never wanted to spend time with the kids after they finished being toddlers. He randomly would wish to see them grow up well, but not to actually teach them skills very often. None of the kids had a higher than acquaintance relationship with him. But they all want to be best friends with Mom. It’s their first wish when they become children. So strange.

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