Generation 1: Dominique · Lavender Wishes

Chapter 1.10


Looks like Muffin isn’t the only one expecting these days.


Dom wants to eat cheesecake, so she whipped the recipe out of her pocket.
Summer:  I have a great idea!  Why don’t you stop popping out kids?
Dom:  Last one, I swear think.


Dom:  Cheesesteak.  You ready to be annihilated?


Cheesesteak:  Nooo!  Don’t eat me!


I forgot it was her favorite.


Woohoo music was heard, after searching the house, I went next door.  This is providing me with endless entertainment.  Cycl0n3 and wife, the Ansari chick were going at it.


Ayesha:  Hey, kid.  No you don’t have to tell mommy and daddy that there are pervs banging in the photo booth.


Traffic jam?


Dom:  Snow is breaking the toilet and the kids are vying for my attention.  Because I am awesome and amazing.


Marcus is at the prime spot to age up, the always famous Kitchen.



He turned out pretty cute.



He starts off his teenage years by first checking the sink and then washing his hands three times.



I keep forgetting that they are all going to pop any decade now.  I think Muffin is a full 24 hours ahead of mom though.


Dom:  That boy broke my sink!
Snow:  Yes, but we will endure.


Muffin:  This stupid pregnancy.  The stress of it all.  I ..I see wrinkles!  *WAHHHH*

Okay not really, she just wanted to gussy up.


Well, Muffin was gussying up for her next wish.  So while he is on his way over, say hi to our newest family member, Mr. Sprinkles.


So, Muffin, who is this thing guy?
Muffin:  Oh this is Eliseo, my baby daddy.
I do vaguely remember her wanting to go to his house after school one day.


Muffin used a free conversation interaction to tell him about the baby.



Eliseo:  You’re sure it’s mine?
Muffin:  Well, I don’t even know how it happened or with who.
Eliseo:  Well, congrats anyway.


Eliseo:  Now, you will let me know if it’s mine right?
Muffin:  Of course.  I want child support!




While they were chatting prom limo showed up and the teens all piled in .  Eliseo (son of Dorie and Gus Hart, deceased) stood around for a bit and then took off.

I didn’t do prom notices, but Dave is now Molly’s boyfriend.  Eliseo was at work, but whatever EA, He and Muffin are now going steady.  Lucas got into some fights.



While the kids traded off telling ghost stories to Dom and Snow, Muffin went into labor at prom.


Eliseo did show up confirming that we are definitely going to have an ugly Hart baby in the house.


Muffin walks out with a little girl named Emily.


Snow:  Must you make all that racket?!?  Gawd!  Just stop!


Snow:  Holy crap.  When did your ass get this big?  You really need to workout more.


Snow:  Call me when you get it down to a smaller size.
Dom:  Are you done eating the flies you dipshit?
Snow:  Yes, dear.


Sorry girl, you get to head into the nursery for labor.  She got her wish for a baby and a boy.  Yay, big points.


Dom and Snow welcome Drizzle to the house.


I love you, Muffin!


Emily aged up and Eliseo was hunted down.


Molly and Snow wished to play horseshoes with someone.  So, they played with each other.


You do realize that there are rendered beds at home, right?
Muffin:  *snore*
Oh wake up.  Sleeping by the pool of the old Langerak house (now Bunch-Bachelor) is just low class.


Oh crap!  Eliseo is YA now.  *fiddles with SP caste to allow teen/adult love*


Oh snap!  Eliseo is a cheater!


Danita Donner-Frio:  You rat bastard!
She is ignored by all.
Danita is the product of Conner and Tamara Donner-Frio.


Muffin:  My unexpected pregnancy and eventual daughter has overstuffed the house.  Marry me and support me?


Eliseo:  Sure and let’s just get married here in the dark.
Here is on the street between the grocery store and theater.

*I am several weeks ahead of this marriage, and Eliseo and Muffin are still married, but Danita is still listed as his girlfriend.  I will probably MC that relationship away.  Seems to be a glitch.


As soon as Muffin and Emily moved out, Dom pulled this on me.  She had 3 open slots, so it was locked.  I can’t really pass down the points after all.


No one is wishing for anything.  Stuffed house and it is all get A’s in school, go on a field trip, blah blah blah.  So, Sleet eventually had his birthday.


He turned out really well and knocks off Dom and Snow’s wishes for him to age up well.


Summer was next and wiped out the other age up well wishes.


They both immediately rolled wishes to be BFF’s with their other egg half.


Lucas:  Hey, it’s Molly’s birthday and we have no wishes that are of importance.  We have seriously been on free will for eons.
Sleet:  Yes, very boring.  I want a job.
Yes, everyone now has teen jobs.


I forgot to put a pic up of Drizzle.  He’s so cute.


Dom satisfying a wish to enroll Sleet into an afterschool activity.

You people are so boring.
Dom:  It’s about time.
True story.


Molly did age up quietly in her room to YA.  She wants to be a Chess Legend, but wished to join the Medical Career.  She ran in to Boyfriend Dave on the way out.


Sadly, she started doing fairy tricks that he did not appreciate.  I sat back and watched in horror.


Molly:  Don’t you EVER refer to my mother as a glowbug!


Molly *wishes to use a spell on Dave*


To which, Dave was not happy about.


Molly, of course, is having the time of her life.


Dave decides to try and fix things.


Molly did not accept the advances and I finally had her use a free interaction to dump his ass.


Sleet:  I just need a hug before doing my homework.
Summer;  I want a hug too!
Dom:  *is loved*


Molly:  What do you mean I can’t go to bed?


So, my heart breaks every time I see this.

Molly does not want to move to a new house.  She has been uploaded and can be found on the Generation 2 page.  Also, Dom and Snow are now available on the Generation 1 page.


Do you see what I have to work with here?  O-M-G!

Yes, with the age up of Sleet, Dom did complete her LTW, I forgot to mention it.  I just am so bored with these kids that I have not chosen an heir/heiress yet.


Snow;  I love texting my wife even though she is in the next room.
Snow now is down to one wish.


Lucas:  There! A painting worth $150.
Lucas is now down to 0 wishes.

I quit.  See you next time.  I am sure we will have more age ups.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 1.10

    1. I can’t believe she wished for 10 kids. I really don’t know what was going on with the kids. They were so boring the whole generation.

  1. Interesting about the wishes, I hope they start rolling some better ones for you soon!

    Marcus is very cute! Would you mind uploading him too?

    Molly and Dave—that was funny. Some sims simply do not find the fairy tricks very funny, lol

    That is quite the painting that Lucas did, I don’t think I have ever seen that one!

    1. They are such boring kids. Boring!

      Marcus is almost ready to be uploaded. I will be putting up all the kids that you have seen tonight on the Generation 2 page.

      Molly and Dave were not going to make it. He ended up nailing and impregnating the whole town.

      Lucas did do a strange painting. I do use Plum’s painting replacement mod, so it might be from that.

    1. It was to the point that the kids were so boring that I was actually relieved (after being horrified). I really didn’t like any of the kids by that point. They just stood around and did nothing.

  2. I hate when they have no wishes. Though it hasn’t happened to me with all of them at once.
    Emily looked cute, I hope she doesn’t grow up Hart ugly.
    Marcus is super cute. And I love the neurotics. Though all that hand washing nd sink checking in a wishacy, I foresee a lot of broken plumbing…
    Poor Molly!

    1. There’s a pick of Emily on the Generation 2 page with Muffin’s download. I had her drop about 10 pounds, but she turned out really nice considering how gross her dad and grandparents were.

      I was so bored that whole chapter. It was the whole 2nd half of the generation.

      I love Marcus, but I have a lot neurotics and I needed a break.

      Molly is the happy mother of twins with her..wife, Rose. Snow’s sister.

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