Generation 2: Haley · Lavender Wishes

Chapter 2.2

Last time, which was like 5 minutes ago, Haley and the family settled into Bridgeport.  Nothing notable happened except that Drizzle moved out and Dom taunted Death.  Haley is still snubbing Owen for not taking her trivia challenge.  Lots of failed pranks and curfew arrests too.  Generation page (for downloads) and Family Tree have been updated through Drizzle.


Dom is having simissues today.  She had to be debugged and lost her outfit.  Sorry old girl!


She also forgot about Grim’s warning and continuously rants about him.



Death is pretty smitten with Dom and lets her off with a warning again.


She showed him her grandkids.


Dom:  O-M-G!  Look! Over there!
Grim:  *looks*



The two giggle over the thrown water balloon.




Dom races off to work and Grim jumps on the trampoline for a bit.


Haley:  Detention is done.
Why did you have detention?
Haley:  Failed prank after the stupid prom.
Oh.  I forgot about that.
Haley:  Me too.  It was like 3 days ago.



After detention she wanted to spend festival tickets.  She had 155, so she bought a ton of junk.  Then a pie contest.  She won by default.  Again.


Owen is on a rampage.  He wants to snub half the town, egg a house and prank another house.  Egging is done.  Deidre Littler has been snubbed.


Haley has no interest in boys (or girls) until this very second.  Sebastian Wolff may not be a relative by blood, but he is Marcus’ half-brother.


Family ties (or not), she wanted to do something in regards to a comic book.


Now she wants to be good friends with him.


Meanwhile, the police music happened.  I found out that Owen got busted on his second prank.


I forgot she was straight from the pie contest.  She looks like Hannibal Lector.


Mind meld with another sim.  Failed because she didn’t learn anything from him.


Twin brother was walking by.  Mind meld success.  She gained a handiness skill.
Haley:  I totally want to go home and fix the dishwasher.


They had one trait in common (artistic) and one not (slob to Haley’s neat).  She did not wish to be his friend.


Busted!  Damn that curfew!


Lil Bling:  *tee hee hee*  Bitch got busted by the po-po!


Dom:  Go to your room.  I can’t handle this anymore.  You’re grounded.  Don’t even think of conning your way out of it by cleaning either.


Haley:  Screw this!  I’m gone bitches.  See you in three days.


So, why did we come here?
Haley:  Partly because I don’t want to be grounded, partly because I have to for school, and partly because you are addicted after taking your WYD mom to all spots yesterday.


Interview a local in France.  Done.
Haley:  I can go home nao?
Nope.  Just wish for something.  Quick!


Haley: Nectary!


Haley:  We can’t visit without sampling!


Haley *hic*


Tourist Marcus!




Haley:  Nope.  Nothing.


Haley plays chess.


Haley sleeps.


Big brother Marcus sleeps close by to make sure she stays safe.


The next morning, I try to deal with her wishes from home, just in France.  She can’t stay on the honor roll for three days here.  So, we get started on painting something worth $150.  My thought was to see if the art gallery had an easel hidden.  We didn’t even make it inside.

LTW Chosen was chosen on the steps.  I do have a pic of the pop up, I just can’t find it.  Not what I had planned on (film), but it’s going to take the rest of her life.  Seasoned Traveler.  Level 3 Visas in all destinations.  This will be a first for me, as I have hardly ever done any adventuring (although I do love it).  I also found something that I have so much fun, I don’t remember to take many pics.  Lucky for you!








Adventure #1 – Baseball returned.  Visa level in France 1.

I bought her all rewards for adventuring that are available for teens.


Fun run!


Visa points were gained.


Dude:  Find the hidden library.
Haley:  Excuse me?

I did have to look it up because I fail, but only so far as to find out it’s in his basement.  I am trying to do this with no walkthroughs.



Yep.  I forgot to take pics.  There was a part where she had to move the statues on red and blue blocks.  I couldn’t figure out what to do after that and time starting running out.  I had to look it up.
Stupid candle on the wall.  Duh!  Lara Croft would be highly disappointed in me.


She wanted to be his friend too.


This lady needed something.  Documents maybe?



Time ran out, so we will have to go back at some point.



She didn’t do too bad at all.  Don’t let her fool you.  She loved it and only screamed about the bugs two times.


In preparation of her next adventure, (she has 3 adventure wishes left totally over 5,000 points), gaining level 6 in athletics was the only one she could do at home.


I had deleted her honor roll wish in France.  No point since she only had one day of honor roll (two for the day she came back to complete the opportunity for school), but that night was birthday.  No point keeping an undoable wish.







Haley!  She had previously gotten Adventurous that day when she got a high enough rebel level, but I can’t for the life of me remember what she got for aging up.




It was nice to see the last family meal going so well.


Owen:  I’m so glad you get to have all the babies and I get to escape the hell that is this house.


I lol’d.

Beau:  My vampy senses state that marriageable female aged up.

Karyn is an adorable toddler too.


He dropped her off in the almost snowy ground.  Wish or not. I was not going to have a toddlercicle.  So, I brought out the playpen and had Haley stick her in it.

Beau, of course, ran straight for the nearest tv.


She wished to fix it again!    I was so happy to see it as I scrolled through unpromised wishes.


What are you doing!  I still need to move your brothers out!
Haley:  I want to go to University.  I refuse to go without knowing what major I should pursue.


So, what are we pursuing?
Haley:  Fine Arts.  I will be the next tomb raiding star.  Get out of my Indy!  Back off, Croft.  It’s Haley time!


I lol’d.  Her go on trip wish got completed for going to University.  She still needs to find some relic wishes that are 4 digits.  She has one or two open spots now.  We will mainly be working on unpromised wishes for the next two weeks.



Did you really need to rent the 3 bedroom house?
Haley:  I sold off two of my Gargoyle statues.  I can afford it.  I might even grab a roommate or two.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Haley.   Of note:  Dom’s life bar was maxed, so she was happy that Haley left for University.  The boys are still at home too.  Haley so far has Learned Relic Hunter, Jetsetter and her shiny new, Prepared traveler rewards.  On top of her Observant that she got as a child.


11 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2

    1. Fun until you realize that she is not interested in anyone. At. All. Hopefully someone catches here attention at some point, but she is the extreme opposite of her mother, which is actually a nice change when you sit down and remember the horror that was Dom.

  1. I love the adventures too and think it will be fun to see her complete them for her LTW. Brave would be a useful trait so the bugs don’t bother her.

    1. She has adventurous now for gaining in high with one of the social groups now and got Brave for graduating college. Luckily, University was quick and boring. Both weeks should be up this week since they are both done now.

  2. I love when Grim interacts with sims. Him jumping on the trampoline was funny!
    I still haven’t figured out how to earn or spend those festival tickets. I need to explore more. Haven’t installed university either. I need to. Download just takes so long and I’m still concerned about my woohooer messing up.

    1. If you go to the festival lot, you earn tickets playing the games. You redeem them at the concession stand.

      Why would your woohooer mess up?

      1. 1st – In university you can’t get pregnant, so woohooer ignores it and you just screw like bunnies all over the place. Just make sure (if you use it) nrass/general/enable progression says false instead of true. That put EA progression in control.

        2nd. LOL! Horseshoes, soccer goal, face painting, water ballon/snowball fights. Most of it gives tickets. I am not sure about the roller/ice skating and the halfpipe.

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