Generation 3: Alexia · Lavender Wishes

Chapter 3.1

Welcome to Generation 3.  After figuring out who was taking over, I took a hard look around and decided to end Generation 2 on the past mishap.  How it came about:
The save I found had Ye just barely pregnant with Johnny and in reality according to Chapter 26, he was child age already.    I picked through it carefully and got their basic ages down.  Ye was forced into labor and Johnny was again born.  Haley and Ye were aged up to adult.  Xue was aged up to YA.  Valentine and Narcisse were aged up to teen.  Kaeden and Alexia were aged up to teen and then Johnny was aged up to child.  I thought doing it this way was a lot better than replaying two or three chapters, especially since Haley had been done with her LTW for half a lifetime already.

After they were the correct ages, I saved them to the bin and placed them in Lucky Palms.  After a quick everyday wear makeover, hair and makeup, we are ready to see them.


Ye and Kaeden




Xue and Haley




Johnny (who did not get Haley’s purple hair this time and in fact got retro grandparent hair from Snow), Alexia and Valentine (again).


Before we get started on the chapter, Xue makes a very important phone call.


Xue, Narcisse and Valentine all head to their new home on the wrong side of town.

Goodbye to the face one children.


Now, I had a minute thought to wait for Johnny to grow up so we did not lose that hair, but really, I am tired of waiting.   Plus everyone started wishing for a ton of things when I unpaused, except Johnny.  Way to be a bore, kid.

Starting Wishes:
Ye: Buy a research science station, learn painting skill, take a painting class and join the music career.  (Haley and Ye were unemployed for some reason).
Haley: Beat someone in a ranked sparring match, buy a vacation home, upgrade something, and win a ranked chess match.
Kaeden: Get a job (done, grocery store- angler trait).  Send a text to Abriana (King), Learn the fishing skill and take a fishing class.
Alexia: Get a job (done, theater –virtuoso trait). Work at home, learn the science skill, learn logic skill and buy a logic book.
Johnny: Nothing.  Big Fat Zero.


Johnny: “Liar!”
Oops.  He decided that he wants to learn to paint and take a painting class.

Ye is off to get a music job and then she will join Johnny at the school for a painting class.  Kaeden is taking the fishing class as we speak.


Haley was left to her own devices and she chose to play video games.   After buying the house and Xue moving out, they have very little money.  I really don’t want to sell the inventories, but it might be something I need to do.  Hopefully they have the martial arts stuff and a chess set buried in there somewhere.


Well, I seemed to have kept some random stuff.  I sold off playground equipment and made a couple of thousand dollars.  All that is left is the gems and relics from her adventuring days.  I did find the martial arts stuff too.  Haley’s actual inventory is jam packed with gems, nectar, a lot of other junk that I need to go through too.  I put Pangu’s axe on the wall, put the moodlet manager, horus’ something or other and the collection helper in Alexia’s inventory.   Also note the chess set at the top of the pic.   I was glad the house came with one after all.

Then I found this:


$1.5 million in festival tickets?  Seriously?  Yeah, I sold them sumbitches.


Alexia, back from getting her teen job, found the science station and happily got right to it.

Yes, Alexia is the chosen Heiress.


A little while later, Johnny got home wanting to paint.


Kaeden: “Whatcha doin’?”
Alexia: “Taking control of Mom’s inventory.  Who knew she was storing two cases of nectar and two cases of gems and relics?

Hence why there is always so much Haley lag.


Kaeden: “Mom, will you teach me to drive?”


Ye: “No, not that pedal!  The gas is the Other pedal!”


Little Boy Visitor: “My mom told me to come and introduce myself.  I guess she did not want you looking like a pathetic n00b loner at school tomorrow.”


Haley and Alexia are asleep.  Kaeden and Ye are fresh from the motive mobile and Ye wanted to pillow fight.


Then Kaeden finally got around to start work on learning the science skill and Ye wanted to paint.


Johnny is on freewill and chose to play with the blocks while the paparazzi whined about not being able to get to the 5-star Haley.


Freshly arrived at Champs Les Sim, Haley went about buying their new vacation home.


They started off at the Abandoned Nectary, but I had no clue it was a 3 hour run from the road.


Haley: “Remind me to teach you to drive when we get home.”
Alexia: “Aw, mom.  Can’t we do it now?”

She did, I had no clue Haley had the motive mobile with her.


After learning to drive, Alexia wanted to visit the café, and then over to buy an incense holder.


Alexia: “Thank for selling that house and buying one closer to the road, mom.”


They now have this house.


Haley wanted to skinny dip, which required a million mile search for a house with a pool.  After that she wanted a washer AND a dryer.


Alexia is addicted the nerd social skill.  Every time she earns 2,000 points, she buys another batch of skill levels.  She then wanted to issue a trivia challenge (she won) and then mind meld with a sim.


She immediately berated Haley’s ignorance and then they took 300 selfies together.  I then downloaded a couple of mods, no berate ignorance and no auto smartphone….which ended up not solving the problem.  I had to download a no auto take selfies, which I then forgot to add in.  Great.


Alexia wanted to learn a recipe.  She chose Frogs Legs.


This is to show that she has spent every point earned this update on nerd influence.  She is now level 8 and just chose Family Oriented as her new trait.  She also has FIVE different wants for LTW, but I am not ready to settle on any of them yet.  Renaissance sim, illustrious author, the tinkerer, lifestyles of the rich and famous and perfect mind, perfect body.


I saw this mess when Alexia wanted to go to the museum.  I wish I could say I was surprised by this obvious case of EA being lazy dipshits, but I’m not.


The little bookworm wanted to read a science book, a handiness book and a logic book from earlier in the update.  Then she wanted to maximize the science skill.  So, she bought all the books and read them while Haley was at home doing absolutely nothing.


Alexia: “Mom.  Mom?   MOTHER!?”
Haley: “Sorry, I was pretending to be a statue with no wishes.  What did you need?”


Alexia: “Can I have your DNA?”
Haley: “Why ever would you want that?”
Alexia: “No reason.  None at all.”


Alexia: “Hmm.  So she is not an alien and she really is my mother.”


Alexia: “Oh dear God.  How the hell am I supposed to explain this one?”


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.1

  1. I just caught up on your wishacy and am really intrigued by it. All your Sims are gorgeous. Hmmm science machine baby how interesting! I haven’t used the science machine all that much except to create forbidden fruit, i’ll have to give it a go one of these days. Great work! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! I also only ever used it for forbidden fruit. I knew about collecting DNA, but I did not know she could clone herself, much less wish to clone a sim.

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