Family Updates · Generation 3: Alexia · Lavender Wishes


Well hello there!  Holy shit.  It has been two years and four months since our last visit.

Recap:  I suggest you go back and re-read this.  I know I had to.

Two years removed from a lot of mods, hairs, and skins, so we will do a Sim Check and have the actual update next time.

TS3 2017-08-05 08-04-39-16

Alexia Lavender: Generation 3 Heiress
LTW:  Alchemy Artisan.  Career:  Alchemist, lv. 10
Traits: Flirty, Ambitious, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Perfectionist.  Extra:  Hopeless Romantic.

TS3 2017-08-05 07-47-59-41

Laquita Lavender is Alexia’s wife.
LTW:  Star News Anchor.   Career: Journalism, Lv. 1
Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Easily Impressed, Artistic, Charismatic, Grumpy.  Occult:  Fairy

TS3 2017-08-05 10-29-50-00

Kaeden Lavender – Alexia’s twin brother.
LTW: Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups.  Career: Art Appraiser lv. 2
Traits:  Clumsy, Loves the Outdoors, Angler, Family Oriented, Irresistible.  Extra: Hopeless Romantic.  Occult: Werewolf by potion.

Kaeden crashes the game when I try and check his swimwear in CAS.  After several tries, I finally just saved a copy of him in CAS and replaced over the original.  There was something hinky with him, but no one else in the world when editing the swim outfit.

TS3 2017-08-05 11-16-06-13

Johnny Lavender – Alexia’s younger brother. 
LTW:  Hit Movie Composer.  Career:  High School/Spa Specialist lv. 2
Traits: Adventurous, Bookworm, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic

TS3 2017-08-05 10-31-15-98

Scott Lavender – Alexia and Laquita’s son.
Traits: Family Oriented, Charismatic.
All needed skills are learned and he is doing whatever he wants until his birthday.

I did not like their house, so I am making over one used by Mariah for the Chimeree’s.


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